"Stepping Into the Heart of a Child" Breakfast Program

We are offering three areas of support to this school:
  1. Breakfast Feeding Program
  2. School shoes/bags/supplies
  3. Other needs to enhance the lives of the children

Stepping into the Heart of a Child...

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  • Hillsbrook All Age School is a structure of welded metal containers with arbitrary windows installed.  There are no dividing walls.  The classrooms are divided by chalkboards.
  • The Parents of the children attending this school are subsistence farmers and poverty is a reality of the community that it serves.  There is no subsidized breakfast program at this school and many of the students are unable to realize their full academic potential due to poor diet.

Please show your support by contributing in one of the following areas:

Breakfast Program

Donate to the Hillsboro Breakfast Program

School shoes/bags/supplies

Donate shoes/bags/supplies for Hillsboro students

Other needs to enhance the lives of the children

Donate to support other needs that will enhance the lives of these children

the students at Hillsbrook All Age School

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Hillsbrok All Age School
Hanover, Jamaica

Thank you for supporting TATI, Inc's "Stepping into the Heart of a Child" Program.