TATI, Inc. offers many programs that benefit children in South Florida and the Caribbean.

TATI, Inc. embarks on a mission to enhance the lives of youth of Caribbean American heritage.  In our efforts to fulfill our mission, we have implemented several programs:
  • Breakfast Feeding Program for schools in the Caribbean
  • Community Service opportunities for youths in South Florida
  • Mentorship Program for youths in South Florida and the Caribbean
  • Collection and distribution of:
    • Prom Dresses to community-oriented, high-achieving young ladies who are graduating from high school in the Caribbean
    • School Supplies to disadvantaged schools in the Caribbean
    • Miscellaneous Supplies to orphanage in the Caribbean

Click on the links below to view detailed information on our Programs:

Caribbean Breakfast Feeding Program

Prom Dresses to the Caribbean

School Supplies to the Caribbean

TATI, Inc. has implemented many programs in Florida and have expanded outreach to the Caribbean.

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